Galway Cookery Class Reviews

Dana Marvell

5 of 5 stars

My family and I recently had the pleasure of attending a cooking class at Kate’s Private Kitchen in Kilcolgan, Ireland, where we learned the art of making scones. It was an unforgettable experience! From start to finish, everything about the class exceeded my expectations.

Kate was a true expert in the field and had a genuine passion for baking. She guided us through the entire process with utmost patience and humor, ensuring that everyone understood the techniques and tricks to achieve perfect scones. Her knowledge of ingredients, measurements, and timings was truly impressive, and she answered all our questions with enthusiasm.

The class itself was well-organized and had a warm and inviting atmosphere. The kitchen was homey and equipped with all the necessary tools and ingredients. Kate demonstrated each step, making it easy for everyone to follow along. We were even provided with printed recipes to take home, which was a thoughtful touch. My husband came along (he was our driver) and they sat him in the garden with some tea.

The highlight of the class was, of course, the scones themselves. We learned how to make various types, from classic plain scones to delightful variations with fruits, chocolate, and spices. Kate encouraged creativity and experimentation while ensuring we mastered the fundamentals. The scones we baked turned out heavenly—golden, flaky, and bursting with flavor. We were able to sit down outside in the garden and enjoy our hot scones and tea.

Throughout the class, we received personalized attention and feedback. Kate checked on each participant's progress, offering tips and adjustments when needed. It created a supportive and encouraging environment, allowing everyone to feel confident in their baking skills.

I left the class feeling inspired and empowered to recreate these mouthwatering scones in my own kitchen. The knowledge and skills I gained will undoubtedly stay with me, and I have already put my knowledge to the test and make a perfect scone in my kitchen!

If you're passionate about baking or simply want to have a fun and educational culinary experience, I highly recommend Kate’s. You'll not only learn the art of making scones but also have a fantastic time in the process. I can't wait to explore her other Zoom classes and expand my culinary repertoire.

Auburn, CA
June, 2023

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