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Kate has been an AirBnB host for many years, opening her home to guests and travelers from around the world. Being an expert host, Kate has developed her AirBnB online experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic to provide a way to meet and interact with new people, and offer a remote-friendly format for anyone who’s quarantined or restricted at home. Many people have joined Kate’s online experiences from their homes in various countries around the world during the lock-down.

AirBnB In-House Hosted Cooking Experiences

Kate gives a masterclass in baking and cooking, and is known by her guests for going above and beyond to make cooking a fun and enjoyable experience for all involved. Below are links to some of Kate’s AirBnB in-house experiences or online Zoom cooking classes

How to Book

  • Baking Irish Scones and Brown Bread
    We will bake fruit, lavender and berry scones, and spelt or brown bread. For the in-house cooking experience, Kate believes in the hands on experience for her guests – from handling ingredients to kneading dough. For the Zoom video cooking experience, Kate will bake on her side of the video, while the guest will bake at the same time at their place. She’ll do all the baking step by step with her guests. It isn’t all about the cooking either, she’ll share lots of tips from her experience over the years.
    Book Zoom Online Experience here or alternatively Book In-House Cooking Experience here
  • Irish Stew -Traditional Recipe
    Irish stew is renowned throughout the world and was recently listed by The Lonely Planet in their Top 50 food experiences. Kate will give her guests, either in-house or online, a wonderful experience of preparing and cooking this healthy and nutritious Irish dish using her own traditional recipe handed down from her grandmother. Guests will learn which vegetables to use and what cut of lamb gives the best results. And after the fun of preparing Kate’s Irish Stew, guests get to enjoy this delicious dish. Basic ingredients include lamb, onion, carrot, celery, bay leaf, thyme, potato, turnip and leek and of course there is a vegetarian Irish Stew option. This class can be either a Zoom online class or a hosted cooking experience at Kate’s home in Co Galway.
    Book Zoom Online Experience here or alternatively Book In-House Cooking Experience here
  • Traditional Irish Coffee and Apple Pie
    Kate’s home kitchen is the start of this Irish dessert experience. Guests will gather around the work space to start the prepping and making of the traditional apple pie and homemade Irish traditional custard. While the apple pie is baking, you’ll start the adventurous and delicate journey in the subtle art of making the traditional Irish custard! Guests then learn the basics of Kate’s tasty alcohol free traditional Irish coffee. There is a balancing act between the ingredients to keep the beautiful end result. So we hope to build a little confidence before guests go home to try it with alcohol of course if they so wish. This is an experience for all ages, with the warm apple pie in your stomach and a soothing warm drink! The complete non-alcohol Irish coffees can be enjoyed by all, but of course for children of all ages we provide Irish milk hot chocolate, cocoa or tea! With the burning turf fire and delightful traditional Irish music for our background (in-house experience only), you may even leave dancing a jig or a reel!
    Book Zoom Online Experience here or alternatively Book In-House Cooking Experience here

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