What Is Veganuary?


The term Veganuary (as a pledge and an organisation) was started in the UK around 2014. It has grown extremely popular ever since. More than 1 million people now pledge to go vegan or eat a plant-based diet during the month of January. Veganuary encourages and helps people, businesses and organisations switch to a plant-based diet as a way of improving their health, protecting the environment and reducing animal suffering. Try Vegan

The purpose of Veganuary is to encourage more people to eat only plant based foods during the month of January each year. A person who practices a vegan lifestyle consumes plant based foods and tries to use cruelty-free products as much as possible. This means avoiding animal exploitation by excluding dairy products, eggs, meat and anything of or from an animal.

In 2021, more supermarkets are promoting the vegan message. for example, Aldi has added a Veganuary webpage that not only highlights plant-based products but also makes the case for going vegan: animal welfare, personal health, greener lifestyle and more sustainability. The Aldi website also features dozens of vegan recipes, tips on vegan swaps and more.

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