Are there any special requirements for holding a Zoom cooking class from my home?

Cookery Classes

Kate’s cooking classes online are interactive fun sessions where you can mingle with other guests while preparing and enjoying the end result – a delicious meal, homemade brown bread or vegetarian pizza.

You will need a reasonably good quality internet connection for a live streaming cooking class, as you would for any Skype video call or Zoom session. To maintain a smooth video call your home internet connection should be able to maintain a minimum download and upload speed of at least 1.5Mbps. Slower internet speeds may still work but the video call could be choppy or subject to frozen video stills and/or poor quality sound.

If you want to check the quality of your internet connection, visit the speedtest website using any web browser. When you hit the ‘Go” button, just wait for the results. Results may vary depending on the time of day or evening you run the test. You could run the speed test at different times of the day to get a better idea.

If you want to ensure the online cooking class has a smooth quality Zoom connection during the cooking demonstration, it would be a good idea to ensure no one else in the home is consuming internet bandwidth during the session. You could switch off listening devices such as Alexa, make sure movies are not being downloaded from Netflix and similar providers and pause any games and game consoles.

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